The Remarkable Pain.

by rrunthegun

October 19, 2011
11:51 PM


The silence was thicker than snow
The pain was remarkable.
Walked in to a place of significant memories,
destroyed by a fragment of trembling stances.
The shadow of my lost treasure follows me,
reminding me the sweetness from which this
scar emerged in seconds.
Breathless soul, a thoughtless mind.
Black and white images draw me to the edge.
Feeling hopeless, standing alone in the darkness of the light.
Melodies of bitterness scream in the quiet nights,
treading on water of unconscious dreams.
Tons of unsaved hearts suffocating, drowning me
to the abyss of my forgotten tomorrows.
Untying the vacant foundation that burdens my travels.
A coward of the undiscovered,
a fool dragged by the days gone by.
The possibility of the grandeur weakens the bones,
but the blossoming flowers and honey bees of spring
fill the fragile state with contrast of colors but black and white.
Awaken by the light shown through the windowpane,
a tree of changing colors, vagabond clouds, the whispering winds;
The remarkable pain, the silence, the memories-
And of these things, the presence I will shun no more.
Walked through a fatal time of slippery slope.
The silence was thicker than snow and the pain was remarkable, no less.
I drowned only to be rescued once more by a little thing called hope.