To Be Or Not To Be Thankful.

by rrunthegun

September 13, 2011 6:13 PM



-I’ve recently just watched a video that pretty much slapped me back to reality. This particular video makes me feel like im a dumb, snobby, little girl who can’t shut up and learn to be thankful. Well here’s one to be thankful about: the video. Every so [very] often, we tend to whine and complain about the things we don’t posses, and eventually forgetting about the things we DO have. I don’t know why I have to watch this video to notice what I am capable of and or have, because being in a third world country [Indonesia] alone and seeing the unfortunate should already have this huge impact on me. Don’t get me wrong, being in Indonesia has definitely remind me of how unbelievably fortunate I am in the States, but sometimes I forget that.  I’m pretty sure I could speak if not to all, but to MOST people that we often times forget how blessed we are. In my speech class, I spoke about famine as my informative. What caught my attention was a statistic that states: If one has food in the fridge, a roof over his/her head, and a place to sleep, he/she is richer than 75% of the world. SEVENTY-FIVE percent of the  WORLD! And addition to that, if one has money in the bank, wallet, and some spare change, he/she is amongst the top 8% of the world’s wealthy. I HAVE ALL THAT & being the  gluttonous person that I’am, I.WANT.MORE.- It’s oke to want, or in most cases, wanting more..Just don’t be a brat about it. By being a brat, I mean never content, always wanting more, and forgetting to be thankful. Being thankful is the easiest, yet most difficult thing to do sometimes. Who actually sits down on a day-to-day basis and think about how incredibly fortunate they are? I don’t, but I need to start doing so. I do however admit that it’s easier said than done. The human mind could only do so much without positive thinking. Without being positive, we falter. A personal example, I was a vegetarian for 8 months and a pescatarian for almost a year and a half. Before I decided to become a vegetarian, I was already thinking of ALL the food  I wouldn’t be able to eat; orange chicken, steak, fish, cheeseburgers, et cetera et cetera. I was vulnarable before I was even a vegetarian. I was so busy thinking about all the food I wouldn’t be able to eat that I forgot about the food I could still devour! Rice, noodles, soup, vegetables with all the spicy spices, VEGGIE MEAT[!!!!] [I know, very Asian], and OTHER delicious food that if it were to be  compared to the carnivorous meals, it would be far more healthier. My mind set before I was a “veggie” is a classic example of how limited and or unable our minds can be. We are too quick  to list and identify the negative, that all the positive becomes an immediate blur. That’s what the good things we have are sometimes, a blur; we can’t see it unless it is focused. I have pretty much  everything I could possibly need to survive in this world; I have my loved ones, food, clothes, home, education, eyes to see, arms to hold, feet to walk, mouth to talk, nose to breathe, everything. Yet I still whine because I want more clothes, better food, bigger room. What I SHOULD be doing is focusing on the things that I DO have. What I should be doing is be thankful for being able to do  what I can do now and not take that for granted. The human mind is so powerful and great, that if we were to change the way we think positively, we can easily identify the negatives without  any complaints involved, and recognize the value of what we have, and be thankful for it. Being thankful with what you have is the answer to abolishing all the wants & more in this world. So  don’t forget to be thankful, it might be the only thing you’re missing to a content life.