Together Apart.

by rrunthegun

I wouldn’t really classify myself as one of those “mushy” people once in a relationship, but I’m about to be mushy right now [HAHA]. I miss Mister Novio, also known as *drum roll*, Michael Patrick Leite. I really do. I’ve realized that we’ve spent most of our time together apart. Before we….”took it to the next level“, we were friends. Good friends. Close friends; We were “homies”, per se. Anyway, we basically started off while he was living in Brazil and I, of course, in California. We don’t really have an official “when-I-asked-you-out-date“, but we do have that “one day” that changed everything from A to Z; December 22nd, 2010. We’ve been friends since 2006- from acquaintances to awkward friends, to buddies, to close friends, to good friends, to TOO close and to TOO good of friends, and NOW..not only is he my Novio [boyfriend], he’s also my Best friend with a capital B. And I’m not saying that just because he’s mi Novio, oke? He really is my Best friend. Anyway, back to this distance shenanigan; He was in Brazil and I was in the Golden State when we started. He came back at the end of March, and not a full five months of being physically in each other’s presence, I go to Indonesia for four months & counting down*. I’m going back to California on the 12th of December, and on January 2012, he might possibly move to the biggest state in the United States of America; Texas. Yep. I mean, Texas is not as far as Brazil or Indonesia, but still- he’s not going to be as physically reachable as he was in Banning. As much as I absolutely love being near him, I actually don’t mind the distance. I take this distance challenge as an experience for the both of us. Of course at times or most of the time it sucks being away in a different country or state, but that quote, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” is the honest truth. At the end of the day, when things get tough, ask yourself [if you’re in a long distance relationship], “Is this really worth it?” Though our fights and arguments through electronic devices can be beyond overwhelming, without a doubt, I know he is worth every single drop of sweaty effort. He truly is.

….And going back to the distance, I thank it for making my life with Michael Patrick Leite just THAT much more interesting.