A Child’s Faith

by rrunthegun

November 21, 2011
9:01 AM

I am no photographer, though I love taking pictures of every little thing and being on this planet. I am not a connoisseur of photography, however I see the minute details that make a captured moment a perfect photograph; a memory, a reminder.

Not too long ago, I have been told/reminded that I or young adults/adults
in general should learn how to be like children again. Children have a special gift far more richer than the richest of the rich of this world- and that is Faith. Not only do they possess one of thee most difficult Theological Virtues, they own all three: Faith, Hope, and Love. Children are perfect examples of these three character qualities that adults often “reject” in their lives. As we grow older, for some odd reason, we begin to lose our faith in things and people- consequently extinguishing all the hope we once had, and with that, we begin to become oblivious and lose all meanings of what love really is. These three things are easy to lose, but crucial to gain back. It is not easy to live life without faith,  because with faith, comes not only hope and love, but also trust. I understood the person who told me to be like the children of endless faith, but it never hit me until I captured a moment of a girl playing with her little brother who the following days later [after the picture was taken] turned one. They were children in Bali that I happen to grow exceptionally close to- and I love them like I love my own sister. The little girl’s laughter was a beautiful melody to my ears because it manifested with nothing but pureness, and the smile of the little boy was a smile of thousand adjectives. Though the moment I captured does not display a smile or a laughter, it still reveals to me, the ineffable pureness of children; that inexplicable childhood moment you can clearly see in their glittering eyes. This candid moment, when I called their names for their attention, took-my-breath-away. Every time I look at this photo, it inspires me to be like the children of faith as I continue to grow older. To always believe even when the world whispers otherwise. I don’t want to lose my faith; I want to be like the little girl who laughs without a single hint of fear of tomorrow, and the boy whose smile destroys all worries of this world. It is so important that we become like little children, that it is even written in the Bible (Matthew 18:3).

And so here I am, inspired by a moment captured from my camera of two little children I desire to become.
A child of infinite faith.