A Volunteer Story.

by rrunthegun

November 17, 2011
9:50 PM

I am back from Bali!
I came back on the 16th instead. Three weeks plus on the “Island of Thousand Gods” or now also known as “The Island of Peace”.
I volunteered under Bali Community Service for three weeks+ in Gianyar, Bali. I was hoping I’d do more hands on activities, but
they had me teach English and sometimes Español for Heartline Radio Station, 92.2 FM. Heartline is a Christian radio station that works along with BCS and provides the community with whatever it can offer- English class for children and adults, wi-fi for highschool students, an open class for meetings/hang outs, and many more. I taught the children there everyday but Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. On Wednesdays & Sundays I taught at a nearby village called Sumite. Ayy, I absolutely love Bali. I didn’t choose to volunteer in Bali because it’s a famous island, I chose Bali because it was convenient- considering the fact that my sister’s childhood friend is now a pastor there, and he would know many organizations that are not exactly “known”, but effective within the community..which was exactly what I wanted. It was perfect. What I disliked at first was the idea that I would be working with Seventh Day Adventists. Don’t get me wrong, folks.. I have nothing against SDA’s, its just I find it difficult to work with SDA’s who are Indonesians….this is just for me personally, está bien? Maybe because I’m also Indonesian? Not exactly sure, but thats that. Anyway, I ended up working with them & just what I had already expected, there was already drama going on.  But aside from that, I absolutely LOVED what I did. I fell in love with the kids I taught, with my neighbor’s family, with everybody I met! Gianyar blew me away because ever since I was little, I’ve always imagined Bali to be like….that- exactly like  Gianyar. Left to right, the view was made for the eyes of gods. The admiration I have towards this island cannot be explained through words but through my expression and exhausted mind. The people + place make a perfect reason to love and want to go back, and go back
again & go back again & go back again. Everything that happened there was exactly the experience I needed. Thank You, GOD for allowing me to experience what I had
experienced in Bali as a volunteer. I am blessed.