The Birthday Boy.

by rrunthegun


Mister Novio!

Today is my boyfriend’s Birthday & unfortunately I cannot spend this special day with him for I’m still in Indonesia. It’s all in good hands though. I will be back in less than a week, so we can celebrate his Birthday then- ….along with Halloween and Thanksgiving and all the other random holidays that occurred during my stay here in Indonesia; like Labor Day..or Columbus. Why not, let’s just celebrate it with a bang. I’am not there with him, but I hope that he had, has, still having a GRAND Birthday! Like what I’ve already told him, I hope GOD blesses him with many many more years to come because I expect many many more years to spend mi vida con él.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS, & SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN, Michael P. Leite.

Never lose hope, always love, and have faith in all that you do.