A Glimpse Of Jogja/Yogyakarta, Indonesia- A Special Region.

by rrunthegun

  • Here are photos of my short period of time in Jogja/Yogyakarta, Indonesia! Beautiful place. Wished I stayed longer, because 3 days and 2 nights are not enough to explore and mingle with the locals….or tourists? I have never in my life seen so many Batik [the traditional fabric of Indonesia]  in one second. Everywhere I go, Batik, Batik, Batik, Batik. I loved it! I’ve always been a fan of Javanese people since I can remember, and this minute trip reminded me exactly WHY I love them; they’re so nice….and sweet. Kinda like the Italians of Europe.  Anyway, It was an interesting trip and I hope you [whoever you are] enjoy these pictures~ cheers*