Butterflies Or Number Two?

by rrunthegun

December 13th, 2011
1:40pm Tuesday (KST) – Time in Seoul, South Korea

It’s your wedding day. Minutes before you’re about step in that church hall, you’ve realized you are about to trade vows with not just anybody, but your partner who you will spend the rest of your forever with. You are in love, and the thought simply excites you. You are anxious. Then, in an instant, strikes another realization. You suddenly need to go number two. You, out of no where, need to go poop. No, this is not a tragic, couple story where “I need to go number two” realization destroyed a special day or…. what was supposed to be a special day, but I guess I could say it radiates around this “touchy subject”. This is not a thought that randomly crossed my mind for I’ve actually thought about it more than once before, and Im curious if Im the only one who feels this immense hatred towards this….out of nowhere, felonious feeling that appears in time where excitement + anxiety take place. I don’t know about you, but every single time an exciting event is about to happen, like for me right now, I’m at the international airport in Seoul, Korea for transit, heading back to California after 4 months, and I’am beyond ecstatic to see Mister Novio [boyfriend named Michael]- I’m here for a whopping 8 hours, and thoughts sprinting in and out of my mind are likely to happen, especially when i’m alone with no one to talk to but myself. Going off topic**, now back to the point i’m trying to make and still trying to understand. I’m excited. I have butterflies in my stomach and out of freaking no where, I need to go number two. I haven’t even eaten anything yet! How is this even possible? I don’t know if im more shocked at the fact that I really needed to go to the restroom….[[and badly]] at the time, or how i’m still surprised that such lame feeling would barge in just like that; when im all….energized, delighted, and you know……..high spirited, because THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME. Every time im just minutes away from an exciting moment, I suddenly need to seriously use the restroom. And I hate the part where you can’t go, because the event is about to start, and if you go, it’ll ruin the moment and cause unwanted speculations of why this happened, why that happened, and you’re just to damn embarrass to say that you needed to go number two. Or to put it more blunty, you needed to poop. Or “poo” cuz that actually sounds cute, but thats aside my point. I don’t understand why having “butterflies in my stomach” also means “Im anxious. I really need to poop.” Aren’t butterflies supposed to be pretty or something? Tell me. Tell me why? This happened to me during my highschool graduation, happened to me going to Indonesia, happened to me minutes before a job interview, it.just.always.happens. But please also tell me that I’m not the only one to have to go through this. Cuz that would be just dead on lame on my end. I need to know that minutes before I walk down the isle to my forever one day, I won’t be the only woman who would go into the immediate shock of “man, I really need to number two.” Somebody make my day and tell me you’ve gone through this- maybe not often or in a dramatic sense, but enlighten me with a “Yes, Rachel, I know exactly what you mean.” Because this, this is something I will never come close to understanding.

If no one agrees, then……………………………………I take everything back. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ve never gone through that……. What?? Pshttttttt……you know, whatever….Life is cool. Treats me fairly. You know….just doing my thang. All good in the neighborhood of love..its cool.. Turtles are chill….they can eat lettuce and stuff..