"Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

Month: April, 2012

A Thought.

“Live as you would have wished to live when you are dying.”Christian Furchtegott Gellert

If I were to die tomorrow,

I know,

for a fact,

that I have not lived,

the way I’ve always wanted to live.


If I were to die tomorrow,

I hope,

that my last breath and thought

were spent

with and for




San Diego, Let’s!

[[March 23, 2012]]

Over spring break, about a week or two ago, my boyfriend and I decided to go on what was supposed to be a double date with our friends to San Diego, but with their lack of punctuality and inconsistent promises, it ended up being just our date, which I actually didn’t mind at all. It was basically my last day of spring break, and I had realized then that I devoted 99.9% of my break being a homebody. Fortunately for me, Michael, my boyfriend, wanted to go out and explore and eat and eat….and eat…. So, after the two hour drive to San Diego, we celebrated with a grand feast at a Brazilian churrascaria, Rei Do Gado! I’ve heard about this place a few years back from a friend & she would always brag about how amazing and delicious the restaurant/buffet is- and luckily for me, the only place Michael wanted to gorge at was Rei Do Gado, a place he and his family once or often go to as well. I’ve never been to a churrascaria before, so going in there was a bit outlandish. Why, you ask? One, because I don’t speak Portuguese, and two, because  I didn’t know how the whole system works. Now I know that green = more meat, red = no meat. Easy, es muy fácil. Anyway, Michael basically took care of me with the help of his native tongue AND we ate. A lot. We were gluts, but it was so good. How can one honestly put a red on that never ending meat + rice + cinnamon pineapple + salad + and *drooling*…. Yes, I enjoyed the food so much, I’ve written a full paragraph about it. After the carnivorous lunch we had, Michael took me to Old Town San Diego, where we ate more [ice cream & tortillas] and walked around, enjoyed getting lost and confused, etc etc. Then, we went back to further downtown and made it to our last stop, Seaport Village. I went to San Diego twice before he took me on this previous trip, and I’ve never really explored San Diego the way I did on this day excursion, so I’m definitely beyond thankful for good ole’ San Diego!

-Some pictures I took with my phone, so the quality isn’t too great. But here it goes: