The World Is A Stage.

by rrunthegun

Thursday October 11, 2012


The truth is the world is the stage.
Life is the script you’ll never understand.
You’ll never live up to the role you’re supposed to play. The people around you? They’re your audience. They’re there to help you, watch you, wait for you to fail and screw up the lines. The lines are easy. Its simple. But you, you tend to over think it. You over analyze the simplified, you look pass the obvious. As a matter of fact, your role was to say and do only one thing, yet you choose to do otherwise. I’m an audience member; hoping for your success, waiting for your failure. I’m waiting for you to live up to the role called perfection. Anticipating for the climax of your story. What will you do? What will you do next? The spotlight’s on you. The apprehensive director, the anxious audience, the agonizing wait. Finally, with blazing passion in your eyes; firmed, statuesque stance; and your voice of utter conviction, you turned to the audience and shouted the line you’ve always forgotten, “LIVE!”. 

The darkness invaded the room as the only light provided by the spotlight vanished. You stood there overwhelmed by the powerful, single line you’ve just expelled. Effulgent lights blind your eyes as you try to capture a glimpse of your audience. And in a slow, victorious manner, they stood with grand appraisal to your outstanding performance. The curtain falls for you.

Now live.