Fleeting Moments.

by rrunthegun

After my Euro trip in 2010, I can’t seem to go through my day without looking at a particular photo [shown above] my sister had taken of me in Rome, Italy. Standing in front of Fontana di Trevi, with my back against the world, as I made my thought-out wishes. It was a moment I wasn’t fully ready to let go now that I think about it. I don’t know what it was, but as I was making my thousand and one wishes, I felt as though I was departed from reality- and it was nice. I opened my eyes, tossed my coins over my left shoulder & I felt….new. I know, I know, “Rachel you sound lame and dramatic!”, but I’m actually pretty damn serious. Hence the reason why I couldn’t go on my day without depressing myself over the perfect photo my sister had taken of me. Everybody has their moments, and the interesting part about it is that some people wait for “big moments” to alter their life when in reality, at the end, those little brief moments are the ones that will transform and revamp a person’s life instantaneously. Recently, I have found myself steered into a different direction, and another of this moment sure would help me get back on that route I was in. So please, God of Fleeting Moments, reveal yourself to me. I’m desperado for a coin toss.