Separate Dreams.

by rrunthegun

October 29, 2012
Thoughts evolving into words unspoken.
 The questionable questioned, the unanswered remains.
 Darkness invaded the luminous road,
 Ending the quest of two lovers dream.
 The ambiguity has mislead the pathway, the silence has destroyed it.
 Actions intended for the best, taken and received as the worst.
 Silence thought to be gold, discovered only to be dull.
 Stories untold became the tragedy of the fleeting existence.
 The winding road may be bleak.
 The darkness may have intervened.
 The silence may be deadly, the unknown a mystery.
 Winter turns into spring, summer came and brought us here.
 Autumn leaves, autumn nights, whispering wind, hold it tight.
 Pure (six) years of cinematic love story,
 Came to a halt in hopes for improvements.
The future, we’ll never know.
 The past will never go.
 Today is yesterday’s tomorrow
 Let the roads end the sorrow.
 Start fresh, start anew,
 Separate lives, chasing dreams.
 One day if true
 Still lovers, it seems,
 To be apart is to return back fully whole
 For lovers dream will find again, its one true soul.