A Secret Thank You.

by rrunthegun

November 12, 2012


1. Thank you for being there despite of my random aggravation and anger I have toward you when you fail to take me seriously. At the end of the day you are you, and I’m happy that you’re in my life. I love you. Thank you.

2. Thank you for being a provider. We both know you can work to become a better one, and I know we argue countless times about this particular matter, but nonetheless, you still provide, and if it weren’t for your provision, Sissy & I would be malnourished. I love you. Thank you.

3. Thank you for never leaving me in the fluctuating hell hole ride we never asked to experience. I’m just so glad we had and will always have each other when life decides to give us another lemon to squeeze. You’re the bestest. My appreciation I have towards you is endless and will never be enough. I love you. Thank you.

4. Thank you for loving me the way you do. I know I can be the most frustrating person to deal with sometimes, but hey, you always pull through. It’s not easy to try and understand even 50% of me, but you try, and as much as I hate to admit the following confession, I need to be poked 90% of the time so that I can be “free” from my thoughts, and you do it just right. And because of that, I love you. Thank you.

5. Thank you for being my reliable go-to person. You and I both know we are not the friendliest people, especially when we are in our melancholy state, but for some reason, we get each other when no one else seem to, and that truly is a blessing because if it weren’t for you, to be frank, I don’t know who else to run to. I know I’m the least affectionate person, but I’m truly and genuinely grateful to have you as my friend. Thank you.

6. Thank you for entering my life at the right time. Some may disagree, but I cannot stress enough how absolutely happy I am to have met you. You might think I’m a b*tch for doing what I had done, even after what happened, but you & I are so well connected that you know we most definitely WILL remain buddies! Keep making me laugh and keep lending me your solid ears, por favor! Thank you.

7. Thank you for being the perfect stranger. We’ve known each other for a while now, and I hope this friendship of ours will only grow for many more years. You’ve proven me that good people with good intentions still exist, even from a distance. Thank you for picking up my emergency calls and still having the audacity to make fun of me when I’m all about the waterworks. Thank you.

8. Thank you guys for giving me a tangible motivation. I know I hated it at first, but it became something that I just loved instantly- oxymoronic. You both have always been the most considerate people I know, and I am beyond blessed to have ya’ll in my life. My motivation could not have been given from better people than you guys. I love you both. Thank you.

9. Thank you for teaching me a valuable lesson in trust and betrayal. I would have never in a fleeting second imagined that you, of all people, would hurt me the way you did. Thank you for teaching me that even a human being could fall as deep as the fallen angels. I know I may sound cruel and unforgiving, but you don’t deserve even a fragment of my kindness. You, you are a curse in disguise, a blessing in the end; if it weren’t for you, I would have never realized that people like you actually live. Thank you.

“I just want to be thankful. Even if it means to be awfully cruel about it, at least I’m telling the truth. You should be thankful for my honesty.”