Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

by rrunthegun

I remember reading a poem ages ago and how it positively affected my life, and how I wished I could just share it to the world so that it can affect everyone else. Well, good news! I’ve found the poem of long ago! I hope it will only change your lives for the better. 


“Dear Yesterday,

Please don’t let me forget about you.
I need my mistakes and my memories of failure.
In order to succeed for Today and Tomorrow.
Show me what I’ve done so I can do more.
And teach me ways I can visit you, without staying for too long.

Dear Today,

Refuse to be taken for granted.
And encourage my choice to love you.
Help me to make you beautiful.
So that when you become Yesterday
I will remember you Tomorrow.

Dear Tomorrow,

Be nothing like Today.
And everything more than Yesterday.
Teach me the value of time
As I appreciate your arrival.
Because Yesterday and Today both know, you can never promise to arrive.”