To Love Love.

by rrunthegun

April 10/11, 2013

I want to love love wholeheartedly.
I want to desperately be blinded by a love so radiant and great,
the thought bewilders many.
I want to miss love when it is not in my presence.
I want to long for it when it is away even for just a minute. A second. Half a second.
I want to cry love when I am hurt.
And when I am ill, I want the love I love to cure me.
I want to sing love, dance love, speak love.
I want to hold close the love I love,
and guard it securely with every fiber of my being.
I want to appreciate it.
Adore it.
Value it.
I want to be awaken in the morning light by the touch of the love I love.
Catch the blossoming flowers, hear the chippering birds, watch the drifting clouds.
And when the day seems heavy and slow, I want to wish it could be slower.
I want to spend the day loving love more than I could have ever loved love yesterday.
I want to understand the puzzling manner of love.
And with open arms, accept its entirety regardless of its complexity.
I want to love it unconditionally and abundantly.
I want to fall so madly in love with love,
that to be vulnerable is to be happy.
And to fall is to finally fly.

And when the night finally calls,
I want to only recall the moments I love.
As I lie in bed, hoping for another day to love love,
I want to be high off the sensation of loving love stupid.

And to the love I will love to the unknown of this universe,

Leave me never.