"Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

Month: September, 2013

Touch Me,

February 21, 2013

Touch me. Hold me. Embrace me.
Disrobe me. Feel me. All of me.
Trace your fingers from the top, and travel below until I say stop.
Pull me in closer until the forbidden space between us is no more.
Roll around until we hit the broken floor.
Grab me. Inhale me. Devour me.
Nail my hands with yours and take me on a high.
Don't stop till morning turns to night,
till the lights are out and the words are gone.
Let me feel you. Absorb you. Exhaust you.
Let me scream until the neighbors know your name.
And when we're finally back on earth,
touch me again.


I can’t control these unwelcome feelings of vulnerability.

I can’t control the facts that have formed the inescapable truth.

I can’t control the constant battle between logic and faith,

emotion and authenticity.

I cannot and will not control what is the most honest of myself.

To feel, to know, to grasp.

To allow  myself  be consumed of what can kill.

Because at the end of this long, tedious, sensational journey I call life,

I know what kills, is worth the sufferings of hundred years.

I can’t control it.

Why should I?