This Is Us.

by rrunthegun

October 1, 2013


This is us.
As we lay on this beautifully wrinkled white sheet,
buried in the thickness of this blanket,
I cannot help but to wonder the possibilities of us;
Beyond the horizon of this bed,
stripped naked off our comfort ground,
I wonder.

This is where we plunged into the rapid stream of endless mystery
that took us from where we were, to what we are.
In this room, our minds are free.
In this room, our weaknesses, gone.
The unveiled secrets, the unmasked truth-
This is us.

These walls that surround us will collide,
and I cannot help but to wonder that if this truly IS us,
will we too, turn into the dusty ruins of yesterday?
Will we too, turn into the unattempted possibilities that will sunder with the walls
that shelter us from the doubts we keep hidden behind this door?

So again I wonder.

Is this what will become of us?