Love Is.

by rrunthegun

October 25, 2013

Love is not supposed to be painful.
It isn’t meant to be a challenge,
nor is it supposed to teach a lesson.
Love is not supposed to be hard.
it shouldn’t be taken as a job,
it shouldn’t be tiring.
It shouldn’t be tedious,
and it shouldn’t be a routine.
Love should not be secretive.
Love is not supposed to be kept hidden.
Love shouldn’t bear so many questions.
It shouldn’t be forced,
and most importantly,
love shouldn’t be feared.

Love is supposed to be simple.
It’s supposed to be easy, and fun.
Love is supposed to be as natural as
the sunrise.
It’s supposed to be honest and valued.
Love is meant to be displayed,
and it should only be taken as a lesson to forgive,
and to love even more than you can ever have envisioned.
Love is supposed to be painless.
It should be light and pleasant.
Love is the willingness to sacrifice,
and the enthusiasm to compromise.
And when everything seems dim,
love is supposed to guide and follow.
Love is not to be feared.
It is a spontaneous adventure
with endless new beginnings and ceaseless odd endings.
It is the only thing in your life that makes being insane, normal.
Because that’s what love is. Crazy.
Like running into the wild alone blindfolded,
hoping to escape all that there is, untouched. Unbroken.

Yeah, Love is crazy.
But it is ultimately the best thing that will ever happen to you.