Breath Of Life.

by rrunthegun

November 14, 2013

I was lying there,
Counting the breaths
I have so carelessly taken for granted,
beneath the celestial autumn sky,
and in the roads of what would become
my eternity.

Dear Lord,
though I may be alone,
be with me.
And never let me go.
My Dear Lord,
please be with me.

My heart slowly decelerated,
and the brevity of my breaths
became promising.

And in the midst of my defeat,
Two beautiful, little Angels
with gleaming smiles so heavenly,
appeared before me;
Holding the cold hands
I had wished to be held.
And there I found myself
Blinded by
Le Clair de Lune.

In total surrender,
as I was lying there,
lungs deprived of the sweet touch of air,
stood a life
I thought had departed.
Beneath the celestial autumn sky,
And in the roads of what could’ve been my eternity,
God showed me,

the wonderment of
a single breath.