"Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

Month: April, 2014

My Moon River.





April 26, 2014


Fingers wrapped around mine,
securely and perfectly engulfed in his

Delicate movements abrupt in
the connection of the sacred,
descending itself to the highest

Exploring the climactic point
in where utopia resides,
and yearns naturally for the
encore of our first, remarkable embrace.



April 18, 2014


And in that moment of wistful glance,
the universe, still and motionless,
collapsed in the serenity of her
gentle breath.



April 18, 2014


I stripped naked
in all I ever have,
and gave you,
all of what I am.



April 12, 2014


When words are complexed,
and words continue to struggle,
and words have limitations,
and words are finite,
and words become meaningless,

We become silent,
We begin to bargain,
We begin to fight,
We begin to feel,
We begin to hope,
We begin to see,
that words will never explain,
the pains you have caused;
that words will never come close,
to disclose the unforeseen truth.

So when the words have finally been completed,
ready to be spoken,
the silence transpires immediately
because at the end of all that were,
words, will never be enough.