"Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

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25 Little Things

October 19, 2014


1. My name was supposed to be pronounced Raquel.
2. I listen to “relaxing nature sound” in some nights I find difficult to sleep.
3. My favorite colors are red & yellow because they are my Mom’s.
4. My personal favorite colors are Royal Blue & Forest Green.
5. My favorite song is Vienna by Billy Joel.
6. I have always loved Coca Cola’s memorabilia.
7. Ultimate dream home is a beautiful, silver Airstream.
8. I want to visit all 7 continents by 30.
9. I used to have a tiny hole in between my upper, right-side central & lateral incisors; It was named Pepper. I miss it.
10. Pepper kept me away from many social events.
11. A single question changed my life.
12. I used to ditch school with my friend, in 2nd grade.
13.  Supposedly I twitch before I fall asleep.
14. I take photos {of literally everything}, because I regretted not bringing a camera during my 3rd grade fieldtrip.
15. I love to create playlists & making mixed CDs.
16. My favorite accent is Southern/Country accent.
17. I have a thing for fingers/hands.
18. I never say the phrase “I can’t wait to” because it implies that time should go by faster.
19. I believe pillows have feelings.
20. I don’t like stating my fears.
21. I don’t believe in superstitions.
22. I love flowers {specifically Daisies, Gerbers, and Tulips}
23. Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy is the song of my life.
24. There is a song in which under no circumstance will I ever voluntarily listen to with any one.
25. I like to list.


Music, My Catharsis.

Anyone who’s into gospel music should have a go on Heritage Singers. Their inspiring lyrics, soothing melodies, and celestial harmonies will melt ya’ll to the bones. I’m going to list my current 11 favorite original songs and covers from the Heritage Singers, & I really do hope whoever reads this, will download their music! They’re a classic. Take my word on this. =]]


1. Forgive Me
2. There's Always A Place At The Table
3. We Are The Band, But He Is The Music [A mixture of English & Portuguese]
4. A Quite Place [Bossa Nova-esque]
5. Adonai
6. Renew Me
7. Someone Is Praying For You [An old Heritage song ❤]
8. More Than Wonderful [A classic]
9. Redeemer
10. Holy Spirit Rain Down
11. His Strength Is Perfect