"Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

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A Word To Self.

Words of Advice:

In anything that requires commitment, always do your best.
Give 102% without hesitation & fear, but always know what is yours. So that one day, if perhaps everything goes awry, you are not left abandoned with the emptiness you have allowed yourself to undergo.




November 23rd - November 25th, 2011


-Three days and two nights with my sister, dad, and his girlfriend whose name shall not be spoken….yet. Just like Voldemort.

….This is going to be an interesting trip.


Off to Bali!

October 23rd - November 15th, 2011


– Three days, two nights with my sister.


-Three weeks of voluntary work alone. Hopefully it’ll turn out..well.

Side Note*


I don’t have internet access 80% of the time here in Indonesia, so I often write or “blog” first through my notepad & later simply copy and paste ’em unto wordpress when I have the time.  So don’t get confused by the date and time that I’ve already included along with my shenanigans.