"Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

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Haiku: You

October 20, 2015


You saved me, you know?
You found me, and just like that,
you, my love, changed me.


My Moon River.




April 26, 2014


Fingers wrapped around mine,
securely and perfectly engulfed in his

Delicate movements abrupt in
the connection of the sacred,
descending itself to the highest

Exploring the climactic point
in where utopia resides,
and yearns naturally for the
encore of our first, remarkable embrace.




April 18, 2014


I stripped naked
in all I ever have,
and gave you,
all of what I am.


A Proclamation

It’s nothing new, but it’s far from dull.

It’s not a self-reminder, it’s a proclamation.

I, am so madly in love with the love I love.

Honeymoon Stage.

February 2, 2014

No, we are not in the “honeymoon” stage.

We are not happy because we’ve just met,
and yet to have discovered the anticipated flaws.
We are not laughing because we are afraid
to instigate an awkward silence.
We are not gazing into each other’s eyes because
love blinds and embellishes the truth.
We are not holding hands because
they are vacant.
We are not meeting each day because
love made us inseparable.
We are not engaging in conversations because
we are attempting to spark more similar interests.
We are not disclosing ourselves because
it is a rite of passage to new found relationships.
No, we are not in the “honeymoon” stage.

We are just two Best Friends in love.

What’s wrong with that?


You Are

January 9, 2014

Just like lightning,
you came with thunder.
Like the flutter of a butterfly’s wing,
you caused a typhoon halfway around the world.
Like Demeter’s happiness,
you are the creation of seasons.
Like the roads of Rome,
everything leads to you.
Like the Sistine Chapel,
you are a Renaissance masterpiece.
Like gravity,
you are the force that draw objects together.
Like the steadfast faith of Job,
you are invincible.
Like the deep, vast ocean,
you are endless.

You are nature.
You are chaos.
You are a myth.
You are civilization.
You are history.
You are science.
You are religion.
You are a mystery.

You are the very definition of what makes
this elaborate life,


Panza & Pepper,

photo (3)How fortunate I am to have my Lover as my Bestfriend.


Titi Sil

November 9, 2013

Yes, I am lucky.
But luck has nothing to do with what I have.
It doesn’t have anything to do with what we are,
and it didn’t have anything to do with our strange encounter.

Luck, has absolutely nothing to do with fate.


O Christmas Tree

christmas tree

Our little, growing Christmas Tree.

[December 4, 2013]

The Discovery.

photo (1)

November 8, 2013

The roaring storm drifted with the night.
And beyond the glistening, golden horizon,
graciously, rises the sun.
And here I am,
a lost explorer at sea
sailing to discover my greatest discovery.