"Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

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Haiku: Epilogue

March 26, 2018



Truth In Its Purest Form

March 3, 2018


Let your tears fall proudly

& let them be a reminder of all the things that have touched you.

Let them fall with ease,

for in them exist what matters most to you.


Haiku: Remnants


February 22, 2018


Is it possible

still to hear those whispered words

you once said proudly?


Haiku: In Retrospect

February 22, 2018


Know this ecstasy

of love you feel right now will

have the worst come down.


Swear I Thought

Song of the week:

May 19, 2017

I was in bed the other night
 thinking about things, I guess.
 You came to mind and in an instant,
 tears fell down my cheeks.
 I still have yet to understand
 why we have become the way we are now.
 How did we get here?
 Can we get it all back?

I played a new song
 and it somehow reminds me of you—
 the loss I never wanted.
 Your absence left a twinge in my heart,
 and the emptiness, the hurt,
 I hope you feel it too.

I turned off the lights 
 and welcomed another night without you.
 Placing my hands on my chest
 and feeling the heart that still beats for you.


Lost Time

March 1, 2017


He has parts of her

you could never have –

for in your absence,

he remained.


Symptoms of Self-Destruction

February 21, 2017


Love is an addicting drug

that powers the belief

that anyone on it, can control it.



February 17, 2017



Photograph taken by: Christian Willis

Deadly Kind

September 13, 2016




September 12, 2017



Undesired Acceptance

February 15, 2017