"Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

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Ode To New York.


July 10/11, 2013


In the blistering heat of the city

I found myself enraptured by 

cinematic moments one often wishes to live in.

Surrounded by buildings so dangerously

close to the sky, the depraved could escape

to the heavens above.

Attempting to indulge the beauty

of man’s creation a gasp at a time,

I begin to discover the unique trait, 

character, and quality

of what makes this place,



In this magnetic metropolis, 

lies 8 million lives;

8 million dreams;

8 million stories;

8 million stolen hearts;

8 million different ways to fall in love.


A picturesque haven of attractive filth

for both the rich and the poor,

the wild and the sane.

An alluring noise that decorate

the chaotic, yet charming ambiance

that put one to sleep and another in a commotion.

Polluted by honking vehicles and effulgent lights,

hallowed by working men and women who run the nights.


A hypnotic place that dominates the finest-

Art that flourishes the busy corners of the 5 (boroughs);

The acclaimed gastronomic experience;

The effortless, prevailing taste;

The culture that shocks itself;

The nights that end in bright mornings,

dancing to music that arouses a crowd,

carousing the bars and streets proud and aloud.


Here, is where innovation meets tradition.

Where acquaintances become best friends

and strangers become lovers;

Where minute moments spark endless possibilities,

and the memories made become the splendor of antiquities.


It is an industrious dwelling for the fast paced;

The ill-mannered, and gracious souls,

the enticed innocence and careless vagabonds.

Welcome, to the city that never sleeps.


And for one thing I know is always true

When bidding this place adieu,

even for a minute or two,


Oh dear New York,

how I fucking love you.



San Diego, Let’s!

[[March 23, 2012]]

Over spring break, about a week or two ago, my boyfriend and I decided to go on what was supposed to be a double date with our friends to San Diego, but with their lack of punctuality and inconsistent promises, it ended up being just our date, which I actually didn’t mind at all. It was basically my last day of spring break, and I had realized then that I devoted 99.9% of my break being a homebody. Fortunately for me, Michael, my boyfriend, wanted to go out and explore and eat and eat….and eat…. So, after the two hour drive to San Diego, we celebrated with a grand feast at a Brazilian churrascaria, Rei Do Gado! I’ve heard about this place a few years back from a friend & she would always brag about how amazing and delicious the restaurant/buffet is- and luckily for me, the only place Michael wanted to gorge at was Rei Do Gado, a place he and his family once or often go to as well. I’ve never been to a churrascaria before, so going in there was a bit outlandish. Why, you ask? One, because I don’t speak Portuguese, and two, because  I didn’t know how the whole system works. Now I know that green = more meat, red = no meat. Easy, es muy fácil. Anyway, Michael basically took care of me with the help of his native tongue AND we ate. A lot. We were gluts, but it was so good. How can one honestly put a red on that never ending meat + rice + cinnamon pineapple + salad + and *drooling*…. Yes, I enjoyed the food so much, I’ve written a full paragraph about it. After the carnivorous lunch we had, Michael took me to Old Town San Diego, where we ate more [ice cream & tortillas] and walked around, enjoyed getting lost and confused, etc etc. Then, we went back to further downtown and made it to our last stop, Seaport Village. I went to San Diego twice before he took me on this previous trip, and I’ve never really explored San Diego the way I did on this day excursion, so I’m definitely beyond thankful for good ole’ San Diego!

-Some pictures I took with my phone, so the quality isn’t too great. But here it goes:

A Glimpse Of Jogja/Yogyakarta, Indonesia- A Special Region.

  • Here are photos of my short period of time in Jogja/Yogyakarta, Indonesia! Beautiful place. Wished I stayed longer, because 3 days and 2 nights are not enough to explore and mingle with the locals….or tourists? I have never in my life seen so many Batik [the traditional fabric of Indonesia]  in one second. Everywhere I go, Batik, Batik, Batik, Batik. I loved it! I’ve always been a fan of Javanese people since I can remember, and this minute trip reminded me exactly WHY I love them; they’re so nice….and sweet. Kinda like the Italians of Europe.  Anyway, It was an interesting trip and I hope you [whoever you are] enjoy these pictures~ cheers*



November 23rd - November 25th, 2011


-Three days and two nights with my sister, dad, and his girlfriend whose name shall not be spoken….yet. Just like Voldemort.

….This is going to be an interesting trip.

A Glimpse Of Bali, Indonesia- The Island Of Peace.

  • A mini compilation of what I saw, felt, tasted, and experienced in Bali, Indonesia. These are all pictures that I took that basically describe the beauty of this Island of Thousand Gods. I still have more photos that revolve more on my voluntary expedition, but in the meanwhile, enjoy these~  

A Volunteer Story.

November 17, 2011
9:50 PM

I am back from Bali!
I came back on the 16th instead. Three weeks plus on the “Island of Thousand Gods” or now also known as “The Island of Peace”.
I volunteered under Bali Community Service for three weeks+ in Gianyar, Bali. I was hoping I’d do more hands on activities, but
they had me teach English and sometimes Español for Heartline Radio Station, 92.2 FM. Heartline is a Christian radio station that works along with BCS and provides the community with whatever it can offer- English class for children and adults, wi-fi for highschool students, an open class for meetings/hang outs, and many more. I taught the children there everyday but Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. On Wednesdays & Sundays I taught at a nearby village called Sumite. Ayy, I absolutely love Bali. I didn’t choose to volunteer in Bali because it’s a famous island, I chose Bali because it was convenient- considering the fact that my sister’s childhood friend is now a pastor there, and he would know many organizations that are not exactly “known”, but effective within the community..which was exactly what I wanted. It was perfect. What I disliked at first was the idea that I would be working with Seventh Day Adventists. Don’t get me wrong, folks.. I have nothing against SDA’s, its just I find it difficult to work with SDA’s who are Indonesians….this is just for me personally, está bien? Maybe because I’m also Indonesian? Not exactly sure, but thats that. Anyway, I ended up working with them & just what I had already expected, there was already drama going on.  But aside from that, I absolutely LOVED what I did. I fell in love with the kids I taught, with my neighbor’s family, with everybody I met! Gianyar blew me away because ever since I was little, I’ve always imagined Bali to be like….that- exactly like  Gianyar. Left to right, the view was made for the eyes of gods. The admiration I have towards this island cannot be explained through words but through my expression and exhausted mind. The people + place make a perfect reason to love and want to go back, and go back
again & go back again & go back again. Everything that happened there was exactly the experience I needed. Thank You, GOD for allowing me to experience what I had
experienced in Bali as a volunteer. I am blessed.


Off to Bali!

October 23rd - November 15th, 2011


– Three days, two nights with my sister.


-Three weeks of voluntary work alone. Hopefully it’ll turn out..well.