"Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

June 14, 2018




Haiku: Epilogue

March 26, 2018


Truth In Its Purest Form

March 3, 2018


Let your tears fall proudly

& let them be a reminder of all the things that have touched you.

Let them fall with ease,

for in them exist what matters most to you.


Haiku: Remnants


February 22, 2018


Is it possible

still to hear those whispered words

you once said proudly?


Haiku: In Retrospect

February 22, 2018


Know this ecstasy

of love you feel right now will

have the worst come down.


Swear I Thought

Song of the week:

May 19, 2017

I was in bed the other night
 thinking about things, I guess.
 You came to mind and in an instant,
 tears fell down my cheeks.
 I still have yet to understand
 why we have become the way we are now.
 How did we get here?
 Can we get it all back?

I played a new song
 and it somehow reminds me of you—
 the loss I never wanted.
 Your absence left a twinge in my heart,
 and the emptiness, the hurt,
 I hope you feel it too.

I turned off the lights 
 and welcomed another night without you.
 Placing my hands on my chest
 and feeling the heart that still beats for you.


Haiku: Serendipity

Song of the Week:

April 5, 2017


Take a chance with me

into the murky unknowns.

Love is on our side.


Lost Time

March 1, 2017


He has parts of her

you could never have –

for in your absence,

he remained.


Haiku: Will You?

February 28, 2017


Will you forgive me?

When all has been said and done,

will you love me then?


Haiku: Earth-Shattering Whisper

January 10, 2017