"Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

Category: This Too Shall Pass.

To Him, She Is.

October 16, 2013

He looks at her in complete, utter bewilderment;
astonished by her beauty, astonished by her entirety.
Her smile makes him weak, her laughter,
like a goodnight lullaby.
He falls for her,
fell for her,
lives for her.
Her flaws and her blunders,
he accepts and he forgives.
Oh how he loves her.

He dreams of her through a photograph of long ago.
Painted an idea with vividly sparkling colors
of the future he wishes to share with her.
Her optimism he adores,
the purity in all she possesses,
he admires.
She, is everything.
And to him, Dear God,

Oh how he loves her,
oh how he loves her.

If only he could see,
another wishes to be,
she, the lucky girl he loves so dearly.

Oh, if only she knew.




Michael P. Leite,

perhaps I do miss my Best friend.


Separate Dreams.

October 29, 2012
Thoughts evolving into words unspoken.
 The questionable questioned, the unanswered remains.
 Darkness invaded the luminous road,
 Ending the quest of two lovers dream.
 The ambiguity has mislead the pathway, the silence has destroyed it.
 Actions intended for the best, taken and received as the worst.
 Silence thought to be gold, discovered only to be dull.
 Stories untold became the tragedy of the fleeting existence.
 The winding road may be bleak.
 The darkness may have intervened.
 The silence may be deadly, the unknown a mystery.
 Winter turns into spring, summer came and brought us here.
 Autumn leaves, autumn nights, whispering wind, hold it tight.
 Pure (six) years of cinematic love story,
 Came to a halt in hopes for improvements.
The future, we’ll never know.
 The past will never go.
 Today is yesterday’s tomorrow
 Let the roads end the sorrow.
 Start fresh, start anew,
 Separate lives, chasing dreams.
 One day if true
 Still lovers, it seems,
 To be apart is to return back fully whole
 For lovers dream will find again, its one true soul.


The Birthday Boy.


Mister Novio!

Today is my boyfriend’s Birthday & unfortunately I cannot spend this special day with him for I’m still in Indonesia. It’s all in good hands though. I will be back in less than a week, so we can celebrate his Birthday then- ….along with Halloween and Thanksgiving and all the other random holidays that occurred during my stay here in Indonesia; like Labor Day..or Columbus. Why not, let’s just celebrate it with a bang. I’am not there with him, but I hope that he had, has, still having a GRAND Birthday! Like what I’ve already told him, I hope GOD blesses him with many many more years to come because I expect many many more years to spend mi vida con él.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS, & SELAMAT ULANG TAHUN, Michael P. Leite.

Never lose hope, always love, and have faith in all that you do.


Together Apart.

I wouldn’t really classify myself as one of those “mushy” people once in a relationship, but I’m about to be mushy right now [HAHA]. I miss Mister Novio, also known as *drum roll*, Michael Patrick Leite. I really do. I’ve realized that we’ve spent most of our time together apart. Before we….”took it to the next level“, we were friends. Good friends. Close friends; We were “homies”, per se. Anyway, we basically started off while he was living in Brazil and I, of course, in California. We don’t really have an official “when-I-asked-you-out-date“, but we do have that “one day” that changed everything from A to Z; December 22nd, 2010. We’ve been friends since 2006- from acquaintances to awkward friends, to buddies, to close friends, to good friends, to TOO close and to TOO good of friends, and NOW..not only is he my Novio [boyfriend], he’s also my Best friend with a capital B. And I’m not saying that just because he’s mi Novio, oke? He really is my Best friend. Anyway, back to this distance shenanigan; He was in Brazil and I was in the Golden State when we started. He came back at the end of March, and not a full five months of being physically in each other’s presence, I go to Indonesia for four months & counting down*. I’m going back to California on the 12th of December, and on January 2012, he might possibly move to the biggest state in the United States of America; Texas. Yep. I mean, Texas is not as far as Brazil or Indonesia, but still- he’s not going to be as physically reachable as he was in Banning. As much as I absolutely love being near him, I actually don’t mind the distance. I take this distance challenge as an experience for the both of us. Of course at times or most of the time it sucks being away in a different country or state, but that quote, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” is the honest truth. At the end of the day, when things get tough, ask yourself [if you’re in a long distance relationship], “Is this really worth it?” Though our fights and arguments through electronic devices can be beyond overwhelming, without a doubt, I know he is worth every single drop of sweaty effort. He truly is.

….And going back to the distance, I thank it for making my life with Michael Patrick Leite just THAT much more interesting.