Emotionally Flawed.

March 2, 2014

Every few mistakes and heartaches,
we, forget we are human.

We are created meticulously not only to feel,
but to absorb it.
We drown in it; suffocate in it.
We hate it, but we do it anyways.

Pain, vulnerability, confusion,
anger, we feel frequently.
And all these puissant emotions
trigger us to respond negatively.

Sure, of course, why wouldn’t we
be bitter?

We, are only human.
Though we always try reaching for perfection,
we will always be flawed.

We lose ourselves by feeling
the aches in our hearts, and
the rush of thoughts in our minds,
We can’t help but to feel them.
So yes, we are flawed, emotionally.

And as a result of our dwelling,
we tend to forget the meaning of forgiveness.
To forgive ourselves, to forgive those at fault.
And though more often than not we may be
victims of a viscous cycle called life,
why is it so hard to come in the middle
and understand one another,
and forgive one another,
and acknowledge the very fact
that that person who hurt you, is also human.

There are things in life
we will always remember,
and there are also things in
life we will never understand.
Those, you accept and move on with.

But things that you can rectify and control,
you do.
Learn to understand another’s perspectives;
recall the meaning of forgiveness;
regain the positive emotions,
and absorb them.

We, are only human.
And every few mistakes and heartaches,
we forget that our flaws,
can in fact,
be fixed.