"Sometimes you'll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

Month: August, 2013

Ode To New York.


July 10/11, 2013


In the blistering heat of the city

I found myself enraptured by 

cinematic moments one often wishes to live in.

Surrounded by buildings so dangerously

close to the sky, the depraved could escape

to the heavens above.

Attempting to indulge the beauty

of man’s creation a gasp at a time,

I begin to discover the unique trait, 

character, and quality

of what makes this place,



In this magnetic metropolis, 

lies 8 million lives;

8 million dreams;

8 million stories;

8 million stolen hearts;

8 million different ways to fall in love.


A picturesque haven of attractive filth

for both the rich and the poor,

the wild and the sane.

An alluring noise that decorate

the chaotic, yet charming ambiance

that put one to sleep and another in a commotion.

Polluted by honking vehicles and effulgent lights,

hallowed by working men and women who run the nights.


A hypnotic place that dominates the finest-

Art that flourishes the busy corners of the 5 (boroughs);

The acclaimed gastronomic experience;

The effortless, prevailing taste;

The culture that shocks itself;

The nights that end in bright mornings,

dancing to music that arouses a crowd,

carousing the bars and streets proud and aloud.


Here, is where innovation meets tradition.

Where acquaintances become best friends

and strangers become lovers;

Where minute moments spark endless possibilities,

and the memories made become the splendor of antiquities.


It is an industrious dwelling for the fast paced;

The ill-mannered, and gracious souls,

the enticed innocence and careless vagabonds.

Welcome, to the city that never sleeps.


And for one thing I know is always true

When bidding this place adieu,

even for a minute or two,


Oh dear New York,

how I fucking love you.



Lord, help me to trust your undying faith in me.